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Ready to switch banks without the hassle?

Maybe you’ve thought about changing banks before for many different reasons. You’ve moved, changed jobs, or just not getting the service you expect from your bank, but you haven’t changed because it is such a hassle.

Welcome to Alliance Bank! Let us assist with the switch.

1. Open Your Alliance Bank Account

We’ll do everything we can to make this quick and easy too. By federal law, you will need to provide your taxpayer identification number, name, address, and date of birth.  We may ask you to provide other identifying information.  An unexpired, government-issued photo ID is also required by law.  To help the process go smoothly, use our easy-to-complete Personal Account Information form. Additionally, the following guidelines will apply:

  • You must be 18 years of age to open a checking account without a parent.
  • Parents or guardians co-signing on the account for a minor will need to bring in the above identification and we will require birth certificates and social security cards for the minors.
  • Minimum deposit required for deposit accounts.
  • If the address you wish to use for the account does not match the address on your ID, we ask that you bring in an official form with your current address on it.

2. Stop Using Your Old Account

Verify all checks, debit card purchases and automatic payments have cleared the account you wish to close. Review your Online Bill Pay for the account you plan to close and stop all automatic payments.

Change Any Direct Deposits: Use the Easy Switch Direct Deposit Authorization to change your direct deposit from your employer, social security, pension, etc.

3. Change Any Automatic Withdrawals

Send the Easy Switch Automatic Payment Authorization to change your automatic payment to your cell phone carrier, utility companies, insurance company, etc. (Tip: Reviewing your previous six months of statements will help identify payees)

4. Close Your Old Account

Send the Easy Switch Account Closing Authorization to the bank where the account is being closed.

Need Help With PDF Files?

Need Help With PDF Files?

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